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Welcome to the web site, LLP KJS Project & Consulting! We hope you enjoy visiting our web site and you will find here useful information.        

KJS Project & Consulting LLP carries out its activities in the following ways:

       engineering services for construction sites selection;

       engineering and geological and geodetic surveys for industrial and civil construction engineering;

       complex designing of objects and facilities for oil and gas gathering, treatment, transportation, storage and shipment;

       designing of objects of oil-and-gas infrastructure;

       technology of well product gathering and treatment;

       formation sewage water and their treatment;

       development of corrosion protection systems for objects, facilities for transport of oil and gas;

       completing units and equipment delivery;

       development and introduction of engineering support systems including:

       - automated systems for control and management of technological process; 
- automated fire-fighting systems; 
- facilities for communications, power-, gas- and water supply, sewerage, air-conditioning, etc.; 
- designing motor roads, rail roads, access ways to technological objects;

       development of project documentation for the following sections:

       Environmental Protection; 
- Environmental Impact Assessment; 
- Occupational Safety and Health;

       development of technological regulations for operation for enterprises;

       development of designing estimates for construction;

       development of projects for construction organization;

       technical support of projects of oil and gas industry at the time of their consideration by competent supervisory authorities;

       ecological support of investment-construction and civil-engineering projects, analysis of industrial, individual and environmental risks of facilities designed;

       quality assurance of building and erection works;

       technical inspection of operating oil and gas facilities, recommendations for repairs, reconstruction and upgrading;

       consultancy services and performance of works related to necessary approvals, permits and examinations;

       preparation of tender documentation, contract tenders organization;

       engineering services in construction;

       development of occupational safety declarations for facilities designed.

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